11+ Ways to Fix TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working (2023)

TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working

TCL has always been a very big and famous brand that is known for TV as well as many electronic devices. If your budget is less then TCL TV is one of the good choices for you. TCL has always been a competitor with Toshiba, Hisense, and Insignia.

The most typical cause for a TCL Roku TV remote not operating is because of the battery in the remote. So first of all you have to check the battery of the Roku TV remote and if the battery is damaged then it has to be replaced. You will require to be close to the TV when using the Roku remote.

In this article, we’ve covered all the possible reasons why your TCL Roku TV remote is not working and the solutions that should come in handy to fix it.

Possible Reasons Why the Roku Remote May Not Work:

Sometimes the remote may have an old battery, an incompatible remote, or signal interference. Bad remote, misconfigured settings or many such problems can happen with TCL Roku TV Remote Pairing Button TV.

There can be any problem with the remote, it does not mean that you take a new remote, but first, you have to try to fix the problem with this remote or TV.

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Fix TCL Roku TV Remote:

To fix TCL Roku TV remote-

Change Remote Batteries:

Change Remote Batteries
First of all, you have to check the remote of your TV and check the battery in it. Sometimes the remote does not work because the battery is dead. So you have to dismiss the batteries in the remote and insert new ones.

Note: The use of nickel-cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries may be harmful to your remote.

Use the TCL Roku TV Remote:

First, you have to use TCL Remote. Then you have to check that it is connected to the TV. Due to not being connected to a compatible remote with the TCL Roku TV, it tends to malfunction quickly. This is one of the reasons why the TCL Roku TV remote is not operating.

Operate the Remote near the TV:

The range of the IR remote should not be more than 30 feet. There should be an open path between the TV and the remote to avoid signal problems.

Reconnect the Remote to The TCL Roku TV:

Reconnect the Remote to The TCL Roku TV

When the remote is not working on the TV, it is necessary to try to reconnect it to the TV. You may require to try power cycling or restarting the TCL Roku TV in order to reconnect the remote.

Check Remote Settings:

TV settings should not be in standby or sleep mode. Turning off all these features is essential to fix unresponsive remote problems. TCL TV remote is not responding, then you have to check the remote.

Contact TCL Support:

Contact TCL Support

If you have attempted all the methods and still TCL Roku remote is not working. You will need to contact TCL support for technical support. They will help you resolve the problem.

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Reset TCL Roku Remote:

Reset TCL Roku Remote

To reset the TCL Roku TV remote –

  • Remove the battery from the back of the remote and locate the reset button inside the battery compartment.
  • Then you have to press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the flashing pairing light comes on.
  • Your TV should now restart.
  • You have to wait for the remote to connect to the TV. A remote pairing conference will appear on the TCL TV screen.
  • After the remote is reset, you’ll see its battery position on the TV screen.

Note: This procedure only uses the TCL Roku TV remote.

Remote Not Working with New Batteries:

TCL Roku TV remote does not work with new batteries. So it is not connecting properly to the TV, or there may be a blocking object between the receiver and the remote. Sometimes it can also be caused by incorrectly configured settings on the TV.

When your TCL TV is in sleep or standby mode, the remote will not pair with the TV and will not work. Sometimes the TV remote requires a new replacement. If seen, even after changing the battery of the TV, the bad remote does not work on the TV.

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Use a TCL Roku TV Without a Remote:

To use a TCL Roku TV without a remote-

  • There are physical buttons on the back of the TV to turn on the TV and control certain functions. you can use that
  • When the TCL TV is connected to the Nintendo Switch, it becomes easy to control the TV from the device. But the match power state option has to be turned on.
  • Connecting a PS4 console to a TV requires enabling HDMI Device Link on the TV. When this setting is on, you can easily control TCL Roku TV.

TV Remote Not Responding:

There are many reasons why a TV may not respond, including infrared sensor problems, incompatible remotes, software glitches, hardware issues, and objects blocking the remote and receiver.

TCL TV Remote App:

TCL TV Remote App

There are many reasons why the TCL Roku TV remote may not work, so the TCL TV Remote app is the way to control the TV. You need to have the app installed on your phone, for which you can download it from Playstore or Apple Store. Then install these apps on your phone. With the TCL TV Remote app, you can operate your TCL Roku TV just like you would with a remote.

The remote app is very easy to use and many TV users use it because it is more convenient. These apps are straightforward to operate and install. The app and remote work similarly and are easy to set up.

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Fix Frozen TCL TV:

There are easy ways to fix a frozen TCL TV, including restarting the TV as well as updating the firmware of the TV. It should be confirmed whether the internet connection is good or not. Sometimes a loose connection can also cause the problem, so unplug the TV and try plugging it in again. It is necessary to reset the TV so that it clears the cache and the TV works properly.

For Better Understanding Video Guide:

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Most Commonly Asked Question

Why Is My TCL TV Not Responding to the Remote?

Check that you are operating the remote directly in the direction of the TV, with no obstructions in between. Try resetting the remote’s battery. If the remote is not responding at all or is responding intermittently, there is definitely a battery fault. You replace the old battery with a new one.

Why Is My Roku Remote Not Working on My Roku TV?

Check if your remote is successfully connected to the TV. To do this press the voice button and look for the status indicator on your tv screen. If the problem persists, insert a new pair of batteries into the remote, and try again. If your remote is rechargeable, press and hold the pairing button for 20 seconds.

What to Do If Roku TV Is Not Responding to the Remote?

Reset your Roku device:

Disconnect your Roku device from its main power source for at least 30 to 60 seconds. After this time plug it back in, and wait for it to turn on. Repair the remote: If resetting the device didn’t work, reconnect the remote to the Roku device.

Why Will My TV Not Respond to the Remote Control?

The simplest and most common reason for your remote not working is the battery inside it. Apart from this, you may face problems with pairing or infrared sensors. Press the power button while pointing the remote control at your TV. Check that the LED indicator on the TV is blinking. If not, your remote’s battery may not have enough power left.

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TCL has always been a very big and famous brand that is known for TV as well as many electronic devices. If your budget is less then TCL TV is one of the good options for you. TCL has always been a competitor with Toshiba, Hisense, and Insignia. Old batteries, faulty remotes, and misconfigured TV settings can be among the reasons for TCL TV Roku TV remote not working. To fix unresponsive TCL Roku TV remote problems, you may want to consider replacing the remote batteries.

To fix unresponsive TCL Roku TV remote problems, restarting the TV can clear out any power left in the TV and get the TV working smoothly. Download and install the TCL Remote app on your phone to control the TCL Roku TV without a remote. In this article above, we have covered all the possible reasons why your TCL Roku TV remote is not working and what solutions should come in handy to fix it.

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