Top 5 Solutions To Fix Insignia TV Black Screen

Insignia TV Black Screen

The Insignia TV screen is black, and the lights are on, but there is no picture. This is a problem. The “dark screen of passing” characteristic of the Insignia TV is baffling, especially when the problem occurs on the TV itself. We have explained all the methods in detail in this post, which will help to know if the Insignia TV screen is black or not.

You are seeing a black screen on your Insignia TV. So this is very sad. You see that the backlight is on but no image is visible. Then this “black screen of death” in your Insignia TV is a very serious matter. When it is new or a TV bought some time back. The Insignia TV turns on but the screen is black This is a common problem that is easy to fix.

Usually, this is a brief problem and there are a few easy ways to fix it. If you try each of these methods, there’s no doubt that one of them will work to fix your TV.

Insignia TV Black Screen

Often you may have the wrong input source set, which prevents your picture from displaying. Check that all cables including HDMI, AV, and power cables are properly connected and no cables are loose. If the TV’s firmware is out of date, it may cause the picture not to be displayed correctly.

If your Insignia TV’s screen is dark, you can fix it by resetting it. Unplug your TV and leave it on for 1 full minute. When the TV is unplugged, press and hold the control button for a few seconds. After the 1 minute is complete, plug your Insignia TV back in and it should start working.

Sometimes restarting the TV fixes the black screen, this problem is often a hardware issue. While we move on to troubleshooting recent devices, there are a few other methods and simple checking steps that you should try.

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Unplug the Insignia TV from the Power Board

Unplug the Insignia TV from the Power Board

Once again, while this solution seems self-evident, unplugging your TV from the power board (power cycling) is the most common way to resolve the black screen you’re seeing. The key here is to actually hold for the full 1 minute. Have some patience and then plug the TV into the power board.

With the TV unplugged, press and hold the control button on your Insignia TV for a few seconds. Make sure you’re holding your TV’s control switch, not the remote.

This will help clear any unwanted data inside the TV and allow the TV to reset properly. This can be a lot more varied than essentially turning the TV on and off! After a minute when you plug the TV back in, you should notice that it controls back up without issue.

Although this method works in about 91% of the cases, it can be a bit difficult to stick to the 9% of cases. If there is a possibility that the screen of your Insignia TV is still damaged, try to fix it with the method below.

Inspect HDMI Connection

Check All HDMI Connections

In the event that you’ve got anything associated with your TV through HDMI, make sure that the associations are snug! Meaning unplugging them and after that stopping them back in securely.

With the rise in the ubiquity of HDMI-spilling gadgets like Roku and Firestick, increasingly Insignia TV proprietors are detailing the dark screen of passing.

And it’s frequently due to an awful HDMI connection. Bad HDMI associations come in a Free HDMI connection, Faulty HDMI port, and Bad HDMI cable. If you affirmed the association is secure, go ahead and double-check simply is on the proper Input channel as well.

To accomplish this, see the back of your TV and discover the HDMI harbor you’re operating. Over the HDMI association, there ought to be a name, or a few composing on TV, demonstrating which HDMI port number it is.

At that point snatch Symbol TV inaccessible (NOT Roku or Firestick inaccessible, in case operating those) and press SOURCE. You’ll likely flip this a few times until you discover the comparing input on the TV.

On the off chance that the connection is secure, and you’re on the right input. I will try interfacing with different HDMI ports. Insignia TVs regularly have a number of ports, sometimes up to four. Use a specific port and notify us if you get an image back. If not, switch the HDMI cable you’re using and see if that does the trick.

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Check Insignia TV Backlight

Check Insignia TV Backlight

If the Insignia TV turns on but there is no picture on the screen, it is likely that the LEDs on the backlight in the power strips may be faulty. To fix the problem, check that the TV is on, and then take a flashlight (a mobile flashlight will work too) and shine it nearest to the TV screen. Do this process in the dark so that it is easier to see. The Insignia TV turns on but the screen is black, this could be due to a bad backlight.

In the event that the screen is working, you may see a really dim picture on the TV. Utilize the inaccessible to see in case the TV reacts to commands. I recommend trying the volume and input keys on the remote as well. You might move the light around to discover where the TV’s client interface is on the screen. In the event that you listen to sound signals, you’ll likely see a blackout picture as well.

On the off chance that, after you sparkle an electric lamp on the screen you see a dim picture, and the remote is permitting you to control the TV, that’s great news. It implies the TV’s T-CON and mainboard are operating as they ought to. In that case, the issue is multiple likely with the TV’s Driven backlights.

Note: whereas a few of a TV’s components are simple and cheap to supplant on your possessiondismantling a TV will likely void the guaranteeIn the event that your TV is still under guarantee, I propose reaching Insignia for assist help.

Keeping told that, a few simple DIY fixes can ordinarily bring your TV back to life. You won’t pay much for professionals or repairs. There’s moreover a chance the complete board is broken and buying a substitution screen is expensive and as a rule not worth it.

Purchasing a brand-new TV is frequently more inexpensive than paying for a board substitution. But it’s uncommon for a TV’s board to break unless it’s been physically harmed by drive.

Substitute Insignia LED Backlight Strips

The backlight of a TV consists of strips of LED lights. If the strip light goes out, the entire strip will not work. It’s more comfortable to substitute a whole strip than it is to substitute one harmful LED light. Online ordering a set of Backlight LED strips for your TV models.

Replacing LED backlight strips can be a bit tricky as there are a lot of screws to remove and all the bezels have to be removed. Also, the glass panel will have to be removed which is fragile and very costly to replace.

If you are told in other words I would only recommend you to replace the LED backlight strip. Do this venture only if you have some knowledge of TV repair. If you don’t know anything about repairing, it is imperative that you don’t take the wrong risk. You can contact the nearest Insignia technician or tv repair shop for this work.

How many strips you need depends on the inches of your TV. Most TVs use 9 to 12 LED backlight strips. The estimated cost to replace can be between $100 and $200. Replacing the LED strip in your TV is a very risky project. But this can fix your black screen of death, and save you hundreds of dollars on official repairs.

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Replace T-Con Board

within the case where you don’t see any picture, indeed with light sparkling specifically onto the screen, it’s likely the T-CON board on your Symbol TV is broken. The T-CON board on a TV is dependable for making the picture on the screen.

Whereas it might appear overwhelming, to begin with, supplanting the T-CON board on TV could be a reasonably simple DIY project. You can discover substitution T-CON sheets by looking for your TV’s demonstration number on online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

supplanting a T-CON board on a TV is much less demanding than supplanting the Driven backlights. You simply got to evacuate the rear board of the TV and disengage the ribbon cables on the T-CON board. Expel the screws, pop them out, and put the modern one within the same area. It as it existed carries a digit of minutes. Regularly there are as it were four screws and two to three lace cables interfacing to the board.

Contact Insignia Support

In the event that you attempted everything and the Insignia TV screen is still dark, there’s likely an equipment blunder with the control board or the backdrop illumination cluster. In that case, you have got to contact Insignia support will need to be contacted.

You can contact it by calling 1-877-467-4289 or through the contact form on the website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When Your TV Is on but the Screen Is Black?

A software problem, loose connection or backlight problem, etc. can be responsible for your tv screen going black. Learn about each of these causes and get tips for troubleshooting them. So that you don’t have to face such problem in future.

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Why Is My Insignia TV Screen Black with No Picture?

Often you may have the wrong input source set, which prevents your picture from displaying. Check that all cables including HDMI, AV, and power cables are properly connected and no cables are loose. If the TV’s firmware is out of date, it may cause the picture not to be displayed correctly.

Why Is My TV Screen Black with HDMI?

Check that the HDMI cable fits tightly into the TV’s HDMI port. Try a different HDMI input, for example, HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. You can also use a compatible HDMI extension cable.

What Causes the TV Backlight to Fail?

Sudden power increase or decrease. Physical damage, water/moisture, and a faulty backlight bulb are some of the possible causes of your backlight failing.

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If you’re encountering the Symbol TV dark screen of passing, don’t freeze, there are a few demonstrated fixes you’ll attempt to urge things back up and running We have detailed all the methods in this article, which will help to know Insignia TV screen black.

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