Top 10 Ways to Fix Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Working

Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Working

Insignia is a trademark that is more famous in America. This company manufactures all types of smart TVs. Many TVs are made from basic to 4K HDR models. All of these include Insignia TV. You can watch streaming shows on the Insignia Fire TV, plus it connects to the internet. The Insignia Fire TV comes with a host of features including a voice remote with Alexa.

Insignia Fire TV is a very good and affordable TV. This TV is useful for your daily entertainment. Insignia Fire TV comes with a remote but sometimes Insignia Fire TV remote is not working. You inspect the battery of the remote. Sometimes the remote can get broken or damaged. You can easily fix this remote. This article describes all the methods in detail.

If you are also bothered by the insignia fire TV remote not working then don’t worry there is a simple solution for this. You first check the battery of the remote, if it is not good then replace it and if the problem is still not solved then you can also reset the remote and TV. If none of the solutions work, you can buy a new remote.

Why Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Working?

Problems with the Insignia Fire TV remote can be caused by a number of reasons. Your remote may be broken. Or the battery in the remote is dead. Sometimes remote does not connect to the TV due to a poor signal between the TV and the remote.

So you have to check the remote of Insignia TV, it may have come in contact with water, if water enters the remote then it does not connect to the TV and there is a problem.

Whenever such a problem occurs with the remote. First, you check the remote battery. You can also reset the remote if the battery is not bad. All these processes are defined steps below.

Check the Dead Battery in the Remote

Check Dead Battery in Remote

The most common reason for an Insignis Fire TV remote not working is because of a dead battery. If the remote’s battery is dead, it means that the power source is being used poorly. Batteries are required for the remote to function properly. If you have been using the battery in the remote for a long time, you will need to replace it with a new one.

If you don’t feel comfortable changing batteries in the remote, you can install Eneloope_Brand rechargeable batteries. You get a warranty on this brand of battery and it works well. Insignia Fire TV remotes mostly use Insignia AAA batteries. Alkaline chemicals can fetch the highest fees for remote access.

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Reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

Reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

If there is a problem with the remote, you will need to reset it in an easy way. You have to open the remote from the back and remove the battery from it. Then you have to wait for some time and reinsert the battery properly in the remote. This is a straightforward way to reset the remote. After that press a switch on the remote to notice if it operates.

Insignia TV Remote Manual Reset

To reset the Insignia TV remote manual

  • The home button on the TV remote has to be pressed for a while.
  • Go to the Menu button on the TV remote.
  • Then the battery has to be removed from the remote and the menu button has to be pressed 5 or 6 times in a row.
  • The Insignia Fire TV needs to be unplugged and then plugged back in after some time.
  • Reinsert the batteries into the remote and after turning on the TV, press the Home button on the remote to see if it works properly.

Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Pairing

Sometimes the remote won’t pair with the TV, it could be due to software or signal issues with the TV. That’s why you must check your Insignia Smart TV once. To pair the remote with the TV, you need to press the pair button on the back of the remote where the battery is located.

If you long press that button, the TV pairs up with the remote. No, you can pair the remote with the TV in another way, for this, you need to press and hold the Home button of the remote for a few seconds. In this way, you can pair your TV remote with a TV.

Factory Reset Insignia FireTV

Factory Reset Insignia FireTV

Sometimes the problem is not in the remote but the problem is in the TV so the remote won’t connect to the TV. So you have to reset the TV once. Performing a reset procedure on any device solves all software-related problems. That’s why factory reset is an important process in TVs. If you factory reset the TV, it works like a new TV, and all software errors and data are erased.

To reset your Insignia Smart TV, first, turn it on and find and press the “Cog” icon. Then go to TV Settings and select the “My Fire TV” icon. Then you have to select the icon “Reset to factory default” and confirm. You should also be aware that performing a factory reset erases all data on the TV and removes all apps. After the reset process is complete, you can install all apps and sign in.

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Check Remote Sensor

You should also check the sensor installed in the TV remote, it is very important. Sometimes dust accumulates on the sensor, then it does not support the remote and the remote does not work on the TV. Then you should restart the TV or you can clean the sensor of Insignia TV.

Power Cycle the Insignia TV

Power cycling the TV is an absolutely straightforward process. The primary way to fix a software or hardware problem is to restart the TV. In this, you have to unplug your TV from the power board for some time.

After that press the power switch of the TV for a few seconds. Doing so drains any remaining power in the TV and restarts the TV. Then the TV has to be turned on by plugging it into the control board. Your TV is now back on and looking great.

Clean Your TV Sensor

You should know that if dust accumulates on the sensor installed in the TV, then there may be a problem with the TV. It does not connect to the remote. That’s why it is important to always keep the sensor of the TV clean. You need to clean the sensor from the TV and try to connect the remote to the TV.

Use Universal Remote

You will need to use a universal remote to find out if your TV supports other remotes. Sometimes this remote connects to the TV but the Insignia TV does not work as a remote.

To check that the universal remote is connected, you need to hold the remote near the TV and click on the Home button. You can try pressing any other button. If it connects to the TV, there may be a problem with your Insignia TV remote. So you are thinking about buying a new remote.

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Contact the Remote Manufacturer

Even after trying all the methods, if the remote is not connecting to the TV then you can contact customer care. This is the last resort. They help you fix the problem.

Also dispatch a professional technician to diagnose and fix problems with the remote and TV, if needed. Sometimes it is a cable wire or hardware issue that you are not aware of, in which case it is recommended to contact customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Insignia Fire TV Remote?

Press and hold the left button, menu button, and back button simultaneously. Hold them for at least 20 seconds. Release the buttons and wait for 10 seconds.

Why Is My Insignia TV Remote Fire TV Not Working?

Even if you don’t use any remote in any TV, be it Universal Insignia Remote or Insignia Smart Remote. You need to check if the battery working in it is correct or not. If the battery is dead, the remote may malfunction. Just insert the new battery in place of the old one and then try using the remote.

Why Did My Fire TV Remote Suddenly Stop Working?

If your Firestick remote stops working, the most common reason for this could be the battery. An incorrectly inserted battery or a low-charge battery can cause your Fire Stick remote to stop working due to a or other problem. Another reason is that even if the remote is not paired, it will not work.

How Do I Get My Fire TV Remote to Work Again?

Restart your Fire TV system again and wait for at least 2 to 5 minutes. Then pair your Fire TV remote again by pressing and holding the home button on the remote for at least 10 to 20 seconds. The remote should be paired with your Fire TV device.

How Do I Fix an Unresponsive Remote?

Properly check that none of the buttons in the remote are jammed or stuck. The battery terminals of the remote control may also be dirty. If so, remove the battery and clean the remote control terminals with a cotton bud or a soft cloth with a small amount of alcohol, then put the batteries back into the remote control.

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Insignia is a brand that is more famous in America. This company manufactures all types of smart TVs. Insignia Fire TV is a very good and affordable TV. But sometimes the Insignia Fire TV remote is not working.

After this, you should check the battery of the remote. Sometimes the remote can get broken or damaged. You can easily fix this remote. We have explained all the issues in detail in this post above. This will help you to fix the remote.

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