How To Fix A Broken TV Screen In Just A Few Minutes

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen

One of the worst and most horrible feelings would be seeing a cracked TV screen. A shattered TV screen is a nightmare for tech addicts and for people who have dropped a new and glossy TV. The price of TVs in recent years has been a high rocket, and anything a person would last expect with such a glossy and expensive device would not be a dreaded screen.

Though it would be a panic attack for anyone, the question in their mind would be, how much could the screen cost or how to fix a broken TV screen? Again the question would be, can the screen be just repaired at a cheaper cost or by themselves at a low cost? The answer would be, Yes. A person can fix a TV screen by themselves or can even resort to a professional. The repair cost of a broken TV screen is almost the same as that of buying a new TV set.

In a TV, the display takes up most of the cost, and hence it simply guesses that the screen replacement price would be almost to that of a new TV setup. The question on your mind would be, why do TV screens cost a lot?

If your TV does not have a huge crack or The problem with the screen has just appeared on its own, then the TV can be easily replaced under the TV manufacturer’s warranty terms. If a TV screen has developed lines, spots, small dots, odd bright pixels, distortion, loss of shade, and color errors or issues, then it can be returned in warranty terms.

If the TV screen has completely shattered and cannot be repaired or replaced, and you cannot find a screen for the TV on the market, it is because the screen is the most expensive part and, if broken, cannot be replaced by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your TV screen glass is broken, you can easily change it on any type of LCD, LED, or PLASMA TV screen. In smart TVs, the glass board is sometimes above the original display, so the best bet would be to check if the actual screen is broken or its glass board. If the glass board is broken, then you can easily change with a new one at a low cost than that of a broken screen.

We are sorry to inform you that you cannot fix any broken screens. No tv manufacturer sells screen replacements, and there is no secondary market for used screens. The reason for this is that by far the most expensive part of a TV is the screen itself. Replacing it will cost more than buying a new TV!

The homespun ways normally don’t cost much or sometimes can be free of any cost. Any person willing can easily complete these tasks, save you loads of money, or even from buying a new TV.

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Why Do TV Screens Cost A Lot?

Why Do TV Screens Cost A Lot?

There are many reasons to go up with this topic, but let’s be more specific and take a look at the making of a TV screen. Almost anyone who has repaired a TV knows the cost of its parts. The price varies from part to part, though the highest cost of any part is the TV screen. If you bought a TV recently, it is probably made in China. A company called Best On Earth makes most of the TV screens in the world. It sells to some well-known companies such as Samsung, LG, TCL, etc.

The process of making a TV screen is so complicated and tough, as a pixel of error would make the screen useless. LCDs are made of two thin glass layers that are submerged together. One layer contains transistors of ITO, a rare metal alloy that is transparent and highly fragile. This sends a signal to the whole middle part of the screen.

The next layer is added, in which acetate is transferred so that a thousand transistors are formed accurately. This step is repeated to make small cells; this is done for each pixel on a screen. Each step should be accurate and in order of the previous micron. This is easily the best reason why a TV screen costs so much. In many companies, the survey says that in every 10 TV screens, only three are selected, which means every time, seven screens are scrapped because of small technical errors.

In the US, almost every company takes the screens from many other screen developer companies from other countries like China, Japan, etc., which tends that the screen cost is always high due to the shipping expenses. The type of repair to be done is determined by the damage caused and which part has been damaged. There are simple problems such as dead spots, web cracks, minor scratches, or major problems such as the whole screen being cracked.

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Repairing Dead Spots:

Repairing Dead Spots

The common and small issue with any TV screen is a dead spot or dead pixel. In this issue, the screen is most commonly clung onto a single color, or many pixels are too bright than before. Sometimes, this problem cannot be solved, or the screen cannot be repaired. Most often, though, it is easily and swiftly repaired without giving away any ducats to professional workers.

The steps to be followed to repair dead spots or pixels are,

  • Take a stick or any similar object, and cover it with a soft and moist cloth.
  • Now, knead and rub the cloth around the dead pixels as gently as possible because the harder you rub, the screen might deteriorate.

This technique might work for many people with dead pixel problems. If this does not work for your screen, then try using the software cycles. In such software cycles, the software helps to rapidly throw out colors to ‘blink up’ all the dead pixels, which can help the pixels to get better.

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Repairing Web Cracks And Minor Scratches:

A TV screen can have many problems, such as web cracks and minor scratches, most often dealing with technical errors or damage done to the screen by falling off. These kinds of problems can be easily solved using some DIY tricks. The first step in any DIY is to determine whether the device or TV is repairable or not. If you need a simple DIY, follow these steps.

First of all, take a soft and clean cloth onto the screen of the TV or its glass panel. If you find any broken glass or sharp, rough borders, then most probably the TV screen is broken and cannot be repaired. In such a case, you need to change the whole TV screen, and if you don’t find any dents or broken glass, then,

  • Use a rubber and slowly rub out the web cracks and scratches, and take out all the small glass pieces away from the screen.
  • If this method works, later try using it again and again till the crack or scratch fades away.

In the above-given steps, try to be slow and gentle as possible, or it could ruin all the chances of the screen to repair. Though this step is risky, it is worth a shot. If this does not work, there are working kits for such instances that might help you out in the best way at a way less cost and might save you a lot of bucks.

Repairing A Broken TV Screen:

Repairing A Broken TV Screen

If the TV screen you have has been broken, then try to determine its damage and try out some homemade ideas if the screen is heavily damaged and went through into the internal parts. In any type of TV, whether it be LCD, LED, or PLASMA, if the damage to bad, then the cost of its repair could go higher than the price of a new TV.

In some repair stores, they might not try to replace the screen; instead, they would suggest changing the internal parts. In many cases, internal circuits may fail, and not letting the screen turn on causes a hindrance. The best chance for the screen to repair would be to change the internal parts; if this trick fails, then it is not worth changing the whole screen as the cost would be almost the same as that of a new TV.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure:

The best thing to do in any case is to prevent it from happening, or its expenses are far higher than thought. There are many ways to prevent devices, such as tempered glasses and covers for a phone, waterproof bags for laptops, etc. A TV there are numerous ways,

  • A TV Screen Tempered Glass Or Protector.
  • Framing Of TVs To The Walls.
  • Don’t Play Video Games(Especially VR and Nintendo Wii)

These steps are not the best tips, though they could help you to some extent.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Most Commonly Asked Question

Can a broken TV screen be fixed?

The TV screen is one of the most fragile and easily damaged things. It is possible to replace the TV screen, but it also costs more. The cost of a replacement screen can be almost as high or more than that of a new TV.

Can you fix a cracked LG TV screen?

A person trained by the company will provide out-of-warranty repair service for your LG product. You must schedule an appointment to call a trained person and repair your device.

How can I fix a cracked TV at home?

Many are sorry to say that, in most cases, broken tv screens cannot be fixed, and tv manufacturers do not sell screen replacements. There is no secondary market of any kind for old and used tv screens. This is because the screen is by far the most expensive part of a TV. You will need to get a new TV instead of replacing it.

Can a Samsung LED TV screen be repaired?

If you have a Samsung TV that is 32 inches or larger, you can get it repaired at a local Samsung repair center. Before getting your TV serviced, you must take care of a few small things. If you haven’t already done so, find a repair center near you and set up an appointment. Only then take your TV to the nearest service center.

How do you fix a cracked LCD screen?

Once the LCD screen is cracked or broken, it cannot be repaired. A new LCD screen will have to be purchased. For a desktop computer, a new monitor will need to be purchased.

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If a TV screen is cracked, then nothing worst is possible to happen as there are almost not many ways to repair it. Even if you have a warranty, the company would not replace a cracked screen, as its costs a lot and is the most expensive part of a TV setup.

So it is important to prevent a TV from any damage or accidents. If it is broken, just buy a new one as it is the same as the cost of a new screen. If you have a broken TV, then just sell it or scrap it and consider buying a new TV for its replacement.

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