Top 9 Solutions To Fix Toshiba TV Won’t Turn On

Toshiba TV Won't Turn On

Most Toshiba TVs have a problem where they don’t turn on after some time. Many Toshiba TV owners say they have had this problem. Some have had it for many years.

Toshiba TV Won’t Turn On

If your Toshiba TV is not starting up, you have to restart it. Turn off your TV and stay for a complete minute. While the TV is not connected to electricity, push and hold the power button for a few moments. After waiting for 1 minute, you can plug Toshiba TV around in and it should start working again.

Remove Toshiba TV from Power Board

Remove Toshiba TV from Power Board

To make your Toshiba TV turn on again, the most common and simple way is to unplug it from the wall power board. Nevertheless, it is necessary to stay for a full 1 minute before plugging it back in. Just wait for a little while and make sure it has been at least one minute before plugging it in again.

When your Toshiba TV is not connected to power, press and hold the power switch on the TV for 30 seconds. ensure you press and hold the power switch on your TV, not the remote control.

Doing this will help remove any remaining power in the TV and allow it to reset. This is not the same as just depending on the remote control on and off.

If you can’t locate a power switch on your Toshiba TV, don’t worry about it. Just forget that stage. Once you plug the TV back in after waiting for one minute, it should turn back on without any issues.

While this solution will likely work for most situations, there may be some cases where it is more difficult to fix. If you are still having difficulties turning on your Toshiba TV, you can try the suggested solutions below.

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Check Toshiba Remote Batteries

Check Toshiba Remote Batteries

If your TV is still not working after unplugging and plugging it back in, test removing the batteries from your remote control. ensure you release both batteries from the remote totally.

Take out the batteries and then press and hold the power switch on the remote for 30 moments. Once more, continue doing this for a whole 30 seconds.

After waiting for a few seconds, insert the batteries back into the remote and try to switch on the TV. Turn on the TV again. You can try putting new batteries in to make sure it works properly.

If the power problem is fixed by either of the two previous steps, but the issue happens again after a few days or weeks, you should reset the TV to its factory settings for a long-term solution.

Factory Reset Toshiba TV

Factory Reset Toshiba TV

  • When the TV is on, click the Home button on the remote.
  • Then proceed to the settings of the TV.
  • Device and software must be selected.
  • Click on reset to factory default.
  • The TV will now repeatedly turn off and on and show the initial configuration screen.

This will nicely convert the Toshiba TV to the settings it delivered on the day the TV was purchased.

  • First, you have to press the menu button.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Now you have to select the setup option.
  • At last click on reset TV.

Now you have to press the setup button and click on the installation option then you can reset the TV.

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Factory Reset Toshiba Television Without Remote

If you can’t find your TV remote, you can always reset your Toshiba TV back to its original settings. To begin, locate the small button on the back of your TV that says “Power” or “Input”. Depending on the type of device you have, this might be located on the right side, left side, or bottom of it.

Disconnect your television from the power and then press and hold that button for 10-15 seconds. While you are pressing this button, you can go ahead and connect your TV again. When you do that, you can stop pressing the reset button.

Finally, your TV will display a small number of choices. Keep scrolling until you see the option “wipe data/factory reset”. To switch to this option, just keep pressing the Power/Input button until you find it. To choose this choice, press and keep holding the Power/Input button.

Remember that once your Toshiba TV restarts, you will need to connect your remote again. To do this, just push and keep your finger on the home button on your remote for a few moments, and then stay for a minute.

If you can’t find the button on your TV or if your TV is in a small space, there are other choices available. Foremost, try connecting a USB keyboard instantly to the back of a Toshiba TV.

After that, you can use the keyboard to move around and restart your TV. If you have a Toshiba Fire TV, you can also get the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone. Once you connect your TV to the app, you can control it using your smartphone instead of regular remote control.

You could also try using a universal remote if you have one. Enter the correct Toshiba code for the remote to make it work. By now, you should have fixed your power problems completely. But if you haven’t, I have some extra steps you can try before giving up.

Reconnect the Power Cable to the Back of the Toshiba TV

Another simple way to potentially improve your power issue is to disconnect the power cord from the back of the Television. Unplug it for about 1 minute and then plug it back in.

When you reconnect it, make sure the connection is tight. You don’t want it to be loose because a secure connection is important for the TV to receive a stable power supply. Plug the power cable back into the TV and turn on the TV using the power button on the TV itself, not the remote control.

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Choose the Correct Input Source

Your Toshiba TV may not seem to turn on because the wrong input is selected. You require to pick the right input for your TV to operate correctly.

Make sure that the source/input on your TV matches the HDMI port you are using, whether you are using a streaming device, DVD player, or cable box. In the following sample, you must adjust the channel on your TV to “HDMI 2”.

Switch on the Input Source Operating the Remote Control

  • First of all turn on the TV.
  • Then press the Source button on the remote control.
  • Now choose the desired input mode.

Change Input Source Without Remote Control

  • First of all turn on the TV.
  • Press the Menu button at the bottom of the TV.
  • Use the volume buttons to select the source option.
  • Pressing the Menu button is necessary to choose the desired input source.

Note: Some TVs have a Source switch on the back or side that you can use to choose an input source.

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Try Another Power Board

If you’re still having problems and you’ve tried everything else, you could try plugging your Toshiba TV into a different electrical socket in your house. Sometimes, the places where we plug in our electronic devices might not work because the fuse inside them is damaged or broken, and we might not be aware of it.

If you don’t want to carry your TV, you can choose to pick up a smaller device and connect it to the same power outlet. If you see the device turn on, it means the outlet is functioning properly and it is likely not the cause of the problem.

Check If the Backlight Is Broken

Check If the Backlight Is Broken

If nothing has fixed the issue so far, it is likely that the light behind your Toshiba TV is broken. You can easily check if this is true by turning on your TV and moving a flashlight near the screen. Spend near awareness to check if there is a picture on the screen when you shine the light.

Power Supply Alternate

If nothing has helped so far, but you still want to keep your TV, you can try taking out the TV’s power supply and sending it for repairs. Before you do that, make sure to check if the light on your TV that tells you it’s in standby mode is switched on. If this is the case, it means that your power supply board is likely functioning and does not require complete replacement.

In this situation, you need to check the voltage at different places on your power board. If you see strange voltage readings, it probably means there is an issue with the voltage regulator.

Voltage regulator failures happen a lot with Toshiba TVs. If you have no power and the standby light is not on, it probably means there is a problem with your power board, and it is not working correctly or is completely broken. This energy occurs if there is a sudden increase in power.

Some TVs have problems with their power supplies. However, the good news is that it is not too expensive to fix, costing around 65 bucks if you remove it from the TV yourself. Remember that this process takes some time because you have to unscrew every screw on the back of the TV to remove the cover and finally access the power supply.

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Contact Toshiba Customer Support

Contact Toshiba Customer Support

If you still can’t turn on your Toshiba TV after trying all the options, you might consider contacting Toshiba support. They will assist you if the TV needs repair, they can even send a professional technician to your home.

You can contact their helpline at 1-(855)527-2411.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Why Is My Toshiba Fire TV Not Turning On?

If you are also suffering from Toshiba fire tv not turning on then check if there is any damage in its cable and also check the hardware. Also, check if there is any new software. Power cycle your tv and remote. If it boots at least randomly, update the system to the latest firmware.

Why Is the Power on My Toshiba TV Black Screen?

If you also see a black screen in your Toshiba TV then it can definitely be due to a power supply problem. Check that the power cord is securely plugged into the TV and that the outlet is working properly. If not, try using a different outlet, and make sure the power surge protector isn’t off or the breaker has tripped.

Why Won’t My Toshiba TV Turn on but the Red Light Is On?

If your Toshiba tv does not turn on but the standby red light is on, it indicates a hardware fault. This problem is a problem with the power board or main board. Apart from this, it can be a factory defect which can often be caused by a power shock or surge.

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Toshiba TVs that won’t turn on can be caused by problems with the power socket, loose cables, old software, or broken parts. To resolve the issue, follow the steps provided in this post to troubleshoot. If nothing else works, think about getting a new TV instead of keeping the old one. If you need help fixing problems with Toshiba TVs, look at all the details in this article.

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